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About Rong Seng Laboratories and KimShark

In 1989, Rong Seng Laboratory was founded by Prof. Rong Seng Chang, the PhD from University 0f Arizona, USA. Prof. Chang has more than 30 years research experience in optical, electronical, and biological sciences. Besides research, Prof. Chang has a very strong relationship with industry and develops many technologies and products for commercial application.

After 2011, the laboratory started to change its operating modal from academic research to commercial development. It provides research, development and consultancy service to commercial clients.

In August 2012, Prof. Chang signed the contract with Chinese Academy of Science to establish Beijing Branch focusing on technology transfer. At this point, we changed our name from “laboratory” to “laboratories“.

In 2014 brand “KimShark” was registered worldwidely,the brand is consisted of two key persons’ name,they are  Dr.Kim Chang,the founder and new business manager of Rong Seng Laboratories and Mr.Shark XU,the commercial partner of Rong Seng Laboratories,an owner of VC firm.